Elevating Real Estate Management.

AIVLA operates at the intersection of real estate excellence, specializing in personalized mandates, expert consulting, and portfolio management. Their target clientele includes Swiss pension funds, insurers, and companies with substantial real estate interests.

We fortified AIVLA’s journey with a distinctive brand identity, tailored web design, professional print materials, and impactful social media strategies, enabling them to excel in their niche and connect meaningfully with their audience.



  • Branding

  • Print Material

  • Social Media

  • Website

  • Presentation

Print Material, Content & Social Media

We designed impactful business cards and brochures for AIVLA, leaving a lasting impression. Our creative touch extended to crafting engaging social media content and posts, enhancing AIVLA's online presence.

Website Design & Development

AIVLA's online platform required a unique touch. We designed a tailored user interface, developed a smooth frontend, and integrated a flexible backend with a user-friendly CMS. This dynamic blend of creativity and functionality now distinguishes AIVLA in the real estate sector.

REFIVE's creative solutions lifted our brand to new heights, just like an eagle soaring in the sky.

Founder AIVLA Real Estate Strategies