Elegance in Ethical Skincare.

AVYN SKIN is synonymous with luxurious, uncomplicated vegan skincare. By distilling the essence of potent ingredients like hyaluronic acid, chlorella, and squalane into a seamless skincare routine, they provide a beacon of organic, cruelty-free radiance for every skin type.

We brought AVYN SKIN’s luminous ethos to life through a bespoke logo, holistic branding, and a sumptuously intuitive webshop. Every design element, curated and crafted by us, mirrors AVYN’s commitment to unparalleled quality and ethical beauty, providing a silky user journey that echoes the exquisite essence of their products.

Avyn Services


  • Consulting & Strategy

  • Branding

  • Webshop

  • Social Media

  • Content Creation

Packaging & Content Creation

We carefully shaped AVYN SKIN's packaging and social media presence, blending luxe, organic aesthetic with their brand philosophy. Every visual and narrative detail, from elegant packaging to compelling online content, seamlessly communicated their commitment to exclusive, effective vegan skincare across all platforms.

Webshop Design & Development

Elevating AVYN SKIN's online presence, we created a minimalist, high-end webshop, offering a seamless and elegant shopping experience for their premium vegan skincare products.

Avyn Web

Like our skincare refreshes your skin, REFIVE refreshed our brand, creating a digital presence that matches our product's elegance and effectiveness.

Margareta Kacoli - Founder AVYN SKIN