Brugg Lifting

Elevating the Visual Experience.

BRUGG Lifting is a global leader in lifting technology, specializing in elevator ropes, architectural cables, wire ropes, and lashing and lifting equipment. Their commitment to innovation and partnership in the field of lifting technology sets them apart as both a product supplier and a collaborative force in the industry.

We had the privilege of capturing the essence of BRUGG Lifting’s expertise through our photography and video editing services. Our work aimed to showcase their remarkable projects and technological advancements, enhancing their online and social media presence.



  • Photography

  • Video Editing


We embarked on a captivating visual journey, visiting BRUGG Lifting's cutting-edge construction sites and projects. Our team of professional photographers meticulously captured these moments and applied expert editing to deliver captivating visuals ready for use across their digital channels, highlighting the company's excellence in the industry.

Video Editing

We brought BRUGG Lifting's story to life, crafting dynamic and engaging videos tailored for their social media platforms and website. Through expert editing techniques, we transformed raw footage into compelling visual narratives, enhancing their online presence and captivating their audience.

Exceptional photography and video editing services from REFIVE have significantly elevated our brand's visual storytelling.

Marketing Manager - BRUGG Lifting