Chirurgie Baregg

Where personalized care and comfort meet exceptional results.

Chirurgie Baregg is a renowned medical practice that prioritizes patient-centered care and exceptional results. Their dedicated team ensures a comfortable and personalized experience, offering tailored treatments for each patient’s unique needs while maintaining a focus on optimal outcomes.

As their trusted partner, we provided comprehensive content creation, graphic design, and print material services, including the design of informative brochures. Our expertise extended to crafting engaging social media content, helping Chirurgie Baregg connect with their target audience and expand their reach.



  • Graphic Design

  • Print Material

  • Content Creation

Print Material & Content

We designed a wide array of graphic assets for Chirurgie Baregg, including icons, illustrations, and image editing. These visuals enhanced their content strategy, reinforcing their commitment to personalized care and professionalism.


We designed and printed a captivating brochure for Chirurgie Baregg, highlighting their commitment to personalized care and exceptional medical services.

REFIVE has been our trusted partner, creating impactful content and eye-catching print materials that resonate with our audience.

Marketing Manager Chirurgie Baregg