Elevate Your Comfort, Embrace Your Style.

We collaborated with Cosac Beanbags to create a brand identity that reflects their passion for providing comfortable and stylish seating options. Our services included logo design, branding, developing a user-friendly webshop, conducting a captivating photo shoot, producing engaging videos, and implementing effective social media marketing strategies.

With a focus on delivering the ultimate lounging experience for homes and businesses alike, our goal was to showcase their wide range of beanbags and help customers find the perfect seating solution for their space.

Cosac Services


  • Consulting & Strategy

  • Branding

  • Webshop

  • Social Media

  • Photo & Video

  • Campaigns

Photo, Video & Social Media Content

We undertook comprehensive photo shoots for Cosac, capturing the essence of each product – every hue, size, and texture. Our meticulous editing showcased the beanbags at their finest, while incorporating models added a dynamic, real-world touch. On the video front, our campaigns tailored for social media brought the beanbag experience to life, enhancing Cosac's online engagement and brand resonance.

Webshop Design & Development

We crafted and executed a seamless webshop design, ensuring a user-friendly interface backed by robust functionality. Our focus wasn’t just on aesthetics; we incorporated strategic content to guide and engage shoppers. Beyond design, our implementation streamlined operations with automatization features, readying the platform for an international audience and ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience for customers worldwide.

Cosac Web

We are thrilled with the work of REFIVE in elevating our brand presence. Their web shop design and social media marketing strategies have significantly increased our online visibility and engagement.

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