Savoring Italian Gastronomy in Baden.

In the heart of Baden, Switzerland, Fratellini stands as a testament to the joy of authentic Italian gastronomy. Founded by two friends with a shared passion for quality food and coffee, Fratellini has transformed an old bank ATM counter into a charming eatery that offers a taste of Italy in every bite and sip.

We captured the essence of Fratellini through our social media content, graphic design, and website work. We aimed to convey their passion for quality food and coffee, helping them connect with their audience and share the Dolce Vita experience with Baden locals.

Fratellini Services


  • Social Media

  • Graphic Design

  • Website

  • Content Creation

Social Media & Print Material

We transformed Fratellini's gastronomic delight into visual feasts. From sizzling social media posts to polished print materials, our content creation journey celebrated every bite and sip, inviting patrons to indulge in the allure of Italian panini and coffee.

Website Design & Development

We cooked up a small but delectable online serving. Our web design and development expertise ensured a mouthwatering landing page that mirrored the simplicity and charm of their Italian café. It served up just what was needed – a delightful taste of their gastronomic haven in the heart of Baden.

Fratellini Web

REFIVE was the secret sauce that transformed our café dream into a flavorful reality, just like the perfect panini.

Denis & Stefan - Founderteam Fratellini