GS Partner Portal

Streamlining Collaboration with Efficiency.

In a bid to enhance partnership management, Global Sana, an insurance broker, entrusted us with the creation of GS Partner Portal. This user-friendly platform allows them to seamlessly integrate and collaborate with partners on various projects, documents, and opportunities.

Our comprehensive involvement extended to UI/UX design, front-end and back-end implementation, ensuring a seamless partnership experience. Additionally, we equipped them with powerful content creation and management tools, including brochures, presentations, landing pages, and form management within a robust admin panel.



  • Consulting & Strategy

  • Project Management

  • UI/UX Design

  • Website

  • App

  • Automatization

Admin Panel

The GS Partner Portal's Admin Panel serves as a powerful hub, enabling seamless partner collaboration, document exchange, and data management. With robust features and APIs, it embodies efficiency and productivity at its core.

Web Application

The web application boasts streamlined automation and optimization, serving various roles within the system. Its design and frontend implementation are tailored to enhance collaboration and facilitate seamless business processes between Global Sana and their valued partners.

REFIVE's work on the GS Partner Portal has been instrumental in revolutionizing our partner management system, creating an efficient and seamless experience for both our team and partners.

Antonio Grgic - Product Manager GS Partner Portal