Capturing Elegance.

Manor is one of Switzerland’s leading department stores, known for its diverse range and commitment to excellence. In their innovative “Everyday Elegance” campaign, they celebrated the everyday shopper, turning them into fashion icons, all under the guidance of renowned Swiss model, Dominique Rinderknecht.

We were privileged to capture the essence of this campaign through an event photoshoot and the creation of a dedicated website, presenting a gallery of real-world fashionistas inspired by Manor’s fashion collections.



  • Photography

  • Website


Our team captured the magic from every angle. With two professional photographers on site, we documented everything — from the initial preparations and behind-the-scenes moments to the models showcasing Manor's fashion and the event's vibrant atmosphere. Our comprehensive coverage ensured that no special moment went unnoticed, encapsulating the essence of the day in high-quality imagery.


We crafted a sleek, user-friendly website to showcase our meticulously captured photos. The website was designed to highlight each gallery, offering viewers a seamless journey through the event's moments. The intuitive layout ensured easy navigation, making every image from the event readily accessible and allowing the story of the day to unfold with clarity and elegance.

REFIVE's exceptional photography and website design truly captured the essence of our event, making it unforgettable.

Marketing & Event Manager Manor Zurich