A Warm Welcome in Every Detail.

SHLOMO Res’ Oriental in Baden, Switzerland, is a haven for oriental cuisine lovers. With a focus on homemade, healthy, and delicious dishes, it’s a place where guests can feel at home while indulging in unique flavors.

We provided SHLOMO with a complete branding solution, including name and logo design, interior branding, menu cards, business cards, and a vibrant online presence through website development and engaging social media content. Our creative touch extended to captivating photography and videography, ensuring that SHLOMO’s culinary excellence was well-represented in promotional campaigns and events.

Shlomo Services


  • Consulting & Strategy

  • Branding

  • Website

  • Print Material

  • Interior Design

  • Social Media

  • Photo & Video

  • Events & Campaigns

Photo, Video, Social Media & Print Material

Through photography and video, we portrayed the restaurant's inviting atmosphere, culinary delights, and vibrant events. We revitalized SHLOMO's online presence, curating engaging social media content that mirrored its charm. In the physical realm, we meticulously designed and produced all print materials, including menus and business cards. Our dedication extended to crafting and installing custom railings with the brand pattern, seamlessly blending Shlomo's identity into its physical space.

Website Design & Development

We crafted a top-notch, custom-branded website that not only serves as an online presence but also seamlessly integrates a restaurant reservation system. The site embodies Shlomo's unique identity while offering practical features to enhance the dining experience.

Shlomo Web

REFIVE masterfully combined tradition and modernity to create a truly unforgettable brand for us. They transformed our restaurant into a cultural culinary experience.

Devin Petrus - CEO SHLOMO Restaurant