Simuro Baubedarf

Your reliable partner for all your building supplies needs, delivering quality products with exceptional service.


In collaboration with Simuro Baubedarf, we designed and developed a user-friendly web shop that allows customers to easily browse and purchase their extensive range of building supplies. Through system integration and automation, we optimized their procurement and logistics processes, ensuring efficient order fulfilment and delivery.

Additionally, we provided print design services, creating visually appealing business cards and catalog materials that reflect the professionalism and quality of their brand. Our goal was to provide Simuro Baubedarf with a comprehensive solution that not only showcases their products but also simplifies their business operations.

Simuro Services


  • Consulting & Strategy

  • Print Material

  • Webshop

Catalog Design

Our work encompassed creating a comprehensive catalog, thoughtfully structured for easy product exploration. We designed an intuitive layout and populated it with detailed product data across diverse categories, enhancing the catalog's value as a resource for informed buying decisions.

Webshop Design & Development

We designed and developed a user-friendly webshop, seamlessly integrated with Simuro's ERP system. This integration streamlined inventory and product management while enhancing client communication and management, providing a holistic solution for their business needs.

Simuro Web

REFIVE transformed our online shop with stunning web design and seamless functionality. Their print design expertise elevated our brand image significantly.

Theo Sismanidis - CEO Simuro Baubedarf