SWIT Solutions

Driving Business Efficiency: Solutions at the Helm of Innovation.

SWIT Solutions, a leader in workforce management software, revolutionizes industries like healthcare and gastronomy. With their Swiss-made software, they’ve driven efficiency for over two decades.

We partnered with SWIT to elevate their brand, crafting engaging social media content, dynamic event promotions, and stunning visuals, enhancing their industry presence and reinforcing their commitment to excellence



  • Social Media

  • Animation Design

  • Event Promotion

  • Photography

  • Content Creation

Social Media

We curated and managed SWIT Solutions' digital presence, crafting dynamic and engaging social media posts, from eye-catching static visuals to captivating animations. Our expertise extended to graphics and image editing, enhancing their online brand image.

Content Creation

We captured the essence of their team through photography. Our creative flair extended to designing custom visuals, from informative graphics to charming illustrations and icons, ensuring a consistent and appealing brand identity across all their channels.

In the digital landscape, REFIVE was our secret ingredient for exceptional visual content, transforming our online presence and making us stand out in our industry.

Marketing Manager SWIT Solutions