Trianon Family Office

Unlocking Wealth Management Excellence.

Trianon Family Office is dedicated to providing high-performance wealth management services since 1995. With a commitment to delivering impressive portfolio results, they aim to turn the dream of a family office into reality.

We partnered with them to design a custom website, focusing on intuitive user interfaces, frontend development, seamless CMS integration, and captivating visuals, showcasing their dedication to excellence in wealth management.



  • Webdesign

  • Webdevelopment


We revamped Trianon Family Office's digital identity. Our team conducted a thorough UI/UX design, addressed client requirements, and streamlined user experience. We also designed adaptable elements, such as charts and graphics, to effectively represent Trianon's services and identity online.


In addition to our design expertise, we undertook comprehensive web development for Trianon Family Office. This encompassed the entire design implementation, the creation of an investment strategy management tool, and the implementation of user-friendly mechanisms for updating charts and data. Our integration of a Content Management System (CMS) ensured effortless content control.

Trianon Family Office and REFIVE, a partnership in excellence, where precision in design meets the sophistication of financial management.

Leo Wüst - CEO Trianon Family Office