We are driven by a foundation of trust, transparency, and an unwavering commitment to exceptional service. For us, success is a collaborative journey aimed at not just meeting, but exceeding your unique goals.


Reviving Brands. Unleashing Creativity. Empowering Success.


We are driven by a passion for crafting unique, creative experiences that revive brands and empower them to achieve unprecedented success.

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Meet the REFIVE Minds

With a diverse blend of experience and expertise, our team comes together to provide you with exceptional results. We offer a unique combination of experts, delivering integrated solutions and unleashing the combined power of creativity and technical mastery.

Roman Fritschi


Visionary Leader

As the founder and CEO, he seamlessly blends expertise from business, branding, and tech, setting the pace as the company's driving force and leader.

Edon Jakupi


Project Pathfinder

Steering major projects with an impressive skillset for communication and organization. Clearly a project manager and consultant who ensures everything runs on the right path.

Edvin Karlsson


Global Managing Partner

Edvin leads our international projects with a keen sense for business and client relationships. He connects teams and clients, making sure every project lands successfully across the globe.

Kenichiro Tschopp


Webwork Coordinator

Coordinating the entirety of web projects, ensuring they’re on track and delivered efficiently, perfectly embodying the role of a web project manager.



Engagement Mastermind

As the marketing manager, he masters campaigns, ads, and social strategies, ensuring they're always impactful and successful.



Engagement & Organisation Apprentice

Our diligent intern, bridging the gap between marketing and administration with a helping hand for everything.

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Take a peek at our team’s computers, and you’ll see the tools we use every day. We’ve been relying on these tools for years to help us do what we do best.