Helping a Cool Burger Spot Hit the Ground Running.


Starting from Scratch

From the get-go, we teamed up with Stefan Konutgan and Gorgis Konutgan, the brains behind Manito, a super-cool burger place in Baden. We got right into the mix, helping to dream up and build Manito’s brand from the very start. Stefan and Gorgis brought the burger magic, and we brought our branding and marketing know-how. We worked on everything – the concept, name, positioning, branding, website, marketing, photos, videos, social media, print materials, packaging, and more, all before the doors even opened.

Turning a Secret Ingredient into a Star

Diving into Manito’s tasty world, we found something special – a kickin’ mayo that was too good to stay behind the scenes. Starting as a hidden gem in their burgers, this mayo got us thinking about new possibilities. So, we rolled up our sleeves and worked with Manito to give this saucy sensation a life of its own. Name? Check. Branding and packaging? Check and check. Launching it into the foodie scene? You bet.



More than Just Business: A Friendship Cooked to Perfection

What began as a work relationship quickly turned into a rock-solid friendship. Now, Manito isn’t just rocking the burger world but also shaking things up with their mayo, soon hitting shops everywhere. We’ve loved every minute of this tasty adventure, from first ideas to flavorful success.

So here’s a cheers to Manito, to friendships formed, and to the many more adventures we’ll cook up together in the future!


Interesting Facts


Teenage Ties

The founders have been buddies since their teenage years!

Lending a Hand at the Cash Register

We even helped out at the cash register during busy times.

Handyman Helpers on Opening Days

From building to sticking and painting, we were there to help set up for every opening.

Shared Office Spaces

Our teams have shared office spaces along the way.

Bread Supplier Sleuths

We assisted in sniffing out the perfect bread supplier for those delicious burgers.

From Dog-Fear to Dog-Love, Thanks to Jimmy

Some team members started off not so sure about dogs. But, thanks to our furry friend Jimmy (rest in peace), they’re now big fans. He even had a spot on the wall in the restaurant!