A Journey from Intern to Innovator.


Getting Started

When Justin Meyer joined us as an intern, he brought a wave of enthusiasm and a readiness to learn and contribute positively. We watched him grow, saw his talents unfold, and gradually, Justin became a vital part of our client projects, bringing fresh eyes and innovative ideas to the table.

Capturing the Essence

One memorable venture was working with Petrus Logistik, where Justin’s knack for photography came into full display. He managed to capture the essential elements of the company—from the hustle in the warehouses to the smooth operation of transportation vehicles, his photos were a true reflection of the team’s precision and dedication.



Adding Extra Layers

Justin went beyond photography, applying his image editing skills to enhance the client’s website visuals and creating engaging content for social media. His efforts were not just a showcase of Petrus Logistik but a narrative of their commitment to delivering top-tier logistics solutions, shaped through his inventive perspective.

Cheers to Growth

We celebrate Justin’s progression, honoring his journey from an intern to a creative force within our team. His path is proof of our commitment to nurture talent, and we eagerly anticipate more success stories as he continues to mold the brands and stories of our clients.

Justin Meyer

Interface & Imagery Apprentice

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