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A Vibrant Rebrand: End of 2021

In the final moments of 2021, G. Meier took a bold step towards transformation. Seeking a fresh, modernized image, they collaborated with us at REFIVE, where we spearheaded a full-scale rebranding. Together, we unveiled a new logo and revitalized their brand image, breathing fresh life into their visual identity. A newly designed website and an array of print materials were developed, each reflecting G. Meier’s dedication to quality and their contemporary brand voice.

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Continuous Collaboration: Two Years of Partnership

Over the subsequent two years, our journey with G. Meier blossomed into a robust partnership. As they navigated through the myriad of challenges and opportunities that came their way, our teams worked side by side, ensuring their brand and marketing efforts remained cohesive and impactful. Our collaborative spirit was not only preserved but thrived, ensuring that every project we undertook was infused with creativity and consistency.

A New Chapter: Showroom and Office Opening

Now, as we step into the present, G. Meier is celebrating a significant milestone with the opening of their new office space and showroom. Marking this new chapter, we were thrilled to contribute to their “Open Day,” an event inviting everyone to explore their new space, showcasing their evolution and sustained growth. Together, we celebrate this momentous occasion, congratulating G. Meier on their success and looking ahead to more shared accomplishments in the future.



At REFIVE, we’re proud to have been a part of G. Meier’s transformation and excited to see where they go next. Here’s to many more years of growth and success together!



More Information about G. Meier and the Showroom Open Day: www.g-meier.ch/openday2023

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