Embarking on a Spatial Adventure.


REFIVE founder's home office, the birthplace of ideas and inception, showcasing the roots of our creative journey.


From Humble Beginnings

REFIVE’s inception was molded within the confines of our founder’s home office. A solitary space, it witnessed the blossoming of initial ideas into tangible projects. As our team expanded, the need for a collective space became evident. From one individual to a small team of five cramped in a modest office, our spatial journey reflects our evolutionary strides in the industry.

Successive Moves, Constant Growth

Through the years, we hopped from one space to another – from a singular office to a larger space, then immersing ourselves in the city’s vibe with a pop-up office in Baden. Each move signified a period of growth and expansion, marking milestones in our continual journey.


Cramped modest office space, the early collaborative workspace at REFIVE, where a small team of five laid the foundation for our industry strides.


Settling into Our Creative Hub

Now, nestled in a newly built office, we’ve discovered a space where our creativity and teamwork genuinely flourish. This isn’t just an office; it’s our central hub, albeit with satellite offices globally, where ideas transform into reality. Engaging client sessions unfold in our dedicated meeting room, and spontaneous interactions spark innovative concepts around our open workstations.


Open kitchen and fancy coffee machine at REFIVE's hub, creating casual conversation spots and contributing to a relaxed work atmosphere.


A Balanced Blend of Work and Play

Our hub isn’t simply about work. With spaces for relaxation like our PlayStation Corner and table soccer, we intertwine work with play, ensuring our team’s well-being and morale are always uplifted. The fancy coffee machine and open kitchen serve as spots for casual conversations, while the terrace becomes a haven for breaks, especially under the captivating evening sunset.


Terrace at REFIVE's hub, a serene haven for breaks, especially under the captivating evening sunset, enhancing the positive work environment.


A Global Nexus

While we have multiple offices worldwide, this hub serves as the heart where clients, partners, and our team converge to sculpt innovative digital narratives. Collaborative energy with partners and friends, our co-inhabitants, enriches our daily interactions, making our hub a dynamic nexus of creativity, technology, and business.

Where to Next?

Our spatial journey doesn’t end here. With eyes set on the future and a persistent drive toward growth and innovation, who knows where our next move will take us?

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