Galactic Studio

Elevating Digital Experiences.


Galactic Studio, a visionary player in the digital landscape, explores the realms of blockchain technology and NFTs to revolutionize brand experiences. They specialize in crafting immersive virtual worlds and launching captivating products.

We collaborated with Galactic Studio to bring their digital vision to life by designing a user-friendly website with a custom frontend, enhancing their online presence, and providing a seamless experience for their audience.

Galactic Services


  • Frontend Development

  • Hosting

  • DevOps

Website Development

We brought Galactic Studio's visionary design to life by developing a bespoke website from scratch using React.js. Our implementation perfectly complemented their cutting-edge aesthetics, creating a seamless digital platform that mirrors their innovation and creativity.


Our collaboration with Galactic Studio was a fusion of creativity and technical expertise. While they brought their visionary ideas to the table, we embraced the challenge of refining and enhancing those concepts, resulting in a harmonious partnership that seamlessly blended their creativity with our development prowess. Together, we crafted a unique and captivating website that reflects the essence of Galactic Studio's innovation.

Galactic Web

REFIVE not only brought our ideas to life but elevated them to a whole new level, delivering a website that perfectly captures the essence of Galactic Studio's creativity and vision.

Stuart Stott - CEO Galactic Studio