Global Sana

Navigating the World of Intelligent Insurance.

Global Sana, a distinguished navigator in the insurance landscape, provides neutral, intelligent, and personalized insurance contracts, weaving a network of safety and reliability for clients across the globe.

As unwavering partners from day one, we’ve embedded ourselves in every creative and strategic aspect for Global Sana. From forging a potent brand identity to developing engaging digital and physical media, our full-service approach has been intrinsically aligned with their mission, driving their global presence and ensuring cohesive communication across all platforms and campaigns.



  • Consulting & Strategy

  • Branding

  • Graphic Design

  • Photo & Video

  • Social Media

  • Print Material

  • Webdesign & Development

  • Webapp & Mobileapp

  • Presentations

  • UI / UX Design

Print, Social Media, Photo & Video

From sleek business cards and informative brochures to dynamic social media content, we ensured Global Sana's brand permeates every customer touchpoint. Our creations span from striking team photos and office imagery to compelling recruitment and campaign videos, seamlessly tying in with their vibrant, yet professional brand persona. Every piece, whether it be physical signage or digital campaigns, was carefully curated to uphold and amplify Global Sana’s identity and mission in the finance and insurance realm.

Websites & Apps

Crafting a digital ecosystem for Global Sana, we led the design and development of all their websites and landing pages, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience. Beyond the web, our team developed intricate applications for automation and ERP, facilitating streamlined operations and integrations. Every pixel and line of code were woven together to create a cohesive, all-encompassing online presence and operational support, truly putting Global Sana on the digital map in a unified, compelling manner.


Crafting our brand with REFIVE is a premium investment; they are shielding our vision, ensuring a robust and sleek online and offline presence.

Daniel Neumann - Founder Global Sana