SFC Koenig

Leader in Sealing and Flow Control Technology.

Our collaboration with SFC Koenig involved a comprehensive range of services aimed at enhancing their business operations. We provided print materials, including brochures, to effectively showcase their products and solutions.

We also developed a visually stunning and user-friendly mobile application for both iOS and Android devices, optimized for tablets and smartphones. The app seamlessly integrated with Dynamics CRM, enabling efficient sales processes and streamlining product data management.

Additionally, we implemented a dynamic dashboard and an intuitive admin panel, empowering SFC Koenig with real-time insights and efficient configurator tools. To elevate their digital presence, we incorporated cutting-edge 3D VR/AR technology, enabling captivating product presentations.

Lastly, we enhanced their online presence with compelling videos and product imagery, ensuring a visually appealing and engaging experience for their website visitors.

SFC Koenig Services


  • Consulting & Strategy

  • UI/UX Design

  • Mobile & Web App

  • Photo & Video

  • Print Material

  • Content Creation

  • Event Promotion

Print, Photo, Video & Content

We elevated SFC Koenig's brand story through meticulously crafted print and digital content. From product photography in our studio, video shooting in the production to designing brochures, flyers, and event promotions, each piece was conceived to resonate with their target audience. Our work also extended to packaging design and technical data visualization, ensuring a cohesive and compelling visual narrative across all touchpoints.

Mobile App Design & Development

We delivered a unified, user-friendly mobile app experience for SFC Koenig, integrating business functionalities for increased productivity. The app featured visually compelling interfaces and included cutting-edge 3D AR/VR elements. We also added engaging videos to enrich the user experience. The end result? A powerful tool that brings SFC Koenig's products to life, blending technological innovation with customer engagement.

SFC Koenig Web

Our collaboration is exceptional. Their innovative approach to our mobile app and content experiences elevated SFC KOENIG's presence. A blend of technology and creativity, they're a game-changer for us.

Jetmir Selimaj - Product Manager SFC KOENIG